Top class datacenters

We offer our services in datacenters which are spread across the globe to provide the uninterrupted access to your servers. With various locations in Europe, USA and soon Asia, our servers provide the best network speeds to our customers. With long-term contracts with our vendors, high standards and amazing performance coupled with scalability and careful choice of locations offered we can offer premium services at decent prices for our customers.

North America

Europe Data Centers preview

Short preview of technical features in our datacener used in Europe


  • Data center certified - ISO 27001

  • Biometric access control

  • State of the art surveillance infrared cameras

  • Enforced double protected doors


  • Several hundred direct peerings

  • Connectivity via TIER1 providers: DE Telekom, Level3 Communications and similar

  • Total capacity of up to 80 Gigabits per second


  • Electric supply capacity of up to 3000kVA

  • Redundant power supply (n+1 or 2n+1)

  • Diesel engine with 1000kVA + fuel reserves

North American Data Centers preview

Short preview of technical features in our datacener used in this continent


  • Datacenter is SSAE 16 certified

  • Surveillance cameras – up to 90 days recording time

  • 24/7 manned security present in datacenter


  • Cisco Catalyst rack switches

  • Several hundred direct peerings incl. LAX

  • Total capacity of up to 100+ Gigabits per second


  • High-efficiency UPS systems

  • Redundant power supply ( N, N+1, 2N redundancy )

  • Diesel generators with 3+ days fuel reserve

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